Boris Snippet 5/5

Boris jumped into the conversation, “Other evidence? What other evidence?”

“The cave mouth. At the top and bottom were alloy scrapings that we can’t identify. Nothing that our researchers could figure out.” Alecta looked up at Boris. He nodded.

“I’d like to have a look at that research if I could. I happen to know something about metallurgy, perhaps new eyes can figure it out.” Zakhar looked at her a little incredulously, but then nodded and gave a ‘what the hell’ shrug.

“And you haven’t tried to send anyone for help?” Boris asked.

“We did send three different groups, beyond the hundred or so who ran when the Beast first escaped. But we heard nothing back. To be honest, we hoped you might be the help. Even if the government executed me,” he pointed out to the others here in the mess, “these people are mostly scientists. Cavers. Support staff. Here because there was something to research, no?” He shook his head, sighing in regret “and now you are as likely trapped by the Devil like the rest of us. Trapped in hell.”

Paul chuckled, and both Boris and Zakhar turned to him. “Sorry. I was just thinking of something that Rommel once said, that if he were to attack hell, he’d use Australians. Just so happens I’m an Australian.” Boris just rolled his eyes, but what Paul said lit a spark of hope behind Zakhar’s eyes.

“So, you think that you can kill this beast?”

Paul just shrugged. Boris thought for a minute and sighed. The legend said, St Michael. But what if it was Michael who had trapped the beast? That felt right. Michael, whatever his reasons, had imprisoned the creature. Not killed it.

He’d better call Bethany Anne before he moved forward with anything. If the NVG had released ‘The Devil’ that Michael had imprisoned, she needed to be brought in on the decision making. If it had been captured by Michael, they might want to capture it again.

Bethany Anne, Boris is requesting communication directly with you. Tom said to her.

What does he want? I thought the situation in Russia was stable. Bethany Anne replied.

He has found the research base but claims he has run into a circumstance he feels he must request input from you on.

Bethany Anne sighed, the frustration of dealing with so many Nations attacking her people was stretching her patience thin. And here I thought I had independent subordinates. It was then she noticed that Tom had slightly locked down on her emotions. Gott Verdammt Tom. why do you feel the need to lock down my emotions?

His request details evidence that relates to something Michael may have done in the past. A wave of grief muted by Tom’s efforts rushed through Bethany Anne. It wasn’t as intense as it would have been months before, but it was still there.

Bethany Anne, they used an unusual method of finding the caves. After all our attempts to use radar, satellite pictures and Etheric detection methods, the latter based on the theory that it was an alien site, and may well have been using Etheric based tech. They definitely have Etheric based technology on the site, but whoever is responsible for the site managed to put up an impressive spoofing measure.

Etheric emissions appear somewhat randomly over the entire region. The housing for the base was well concealed. So Janna came up with the idea of looking into local legends. Looking to see if there was anything that sounded like it could have involved Weres or Vampires specific to the region.

Is that spoofing something we can adopt and appropriate for our own use? That could be really useful in hiding a base on a planet or to disperse enemy fire against our ships.

I have no idea at this time. They have only just located the base. They have not yet sent me any samples or descriptions to analyse.

And you are interrupting what I was doing because?

She found one such legend that helped pinpoint the location of the site. The direction where an event supposedly have changed from ‘west of here’ to ‘east of here’ at a certain point. The story was about St. Michael fighting Satan further away from where the site actually is. Closer it was about St Michael fighting the Beast.


I can now inform you that The Boris Chronicle #3 is words complete. Going through it’s second phase edit right now.

Hopefully it will be released in the next couple of days.



5 thoughts on “Boris Snippet 5/5

  1. I really love all of the Kutherian Gambit world, but I do wish for more Boris. I fell for Boris when he protected the TQB children when they were kidnapped and his story just keeps getting better with each story! Thank you for writing these books and I’m (im)patiently LOL waiting for more:).


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