Boris Chronicles #3 Retaliation Snippet 3/?

Wilderness near Archangelsk, Russia.

“Well that took longer than you promised,” Boris said with a smile to Janna.

“It’s not my fault that the damned site had spoofing measures in place to disguise where the Etheric energy was being drawn from.” Janna retorted. “And Konrad had hidden the location too well. Probably only a handful of his top people knew where this place was. All the convoys headed here stayed. At least four hundred people – could be as many as eight hundred.”

“Yeah, I know. And we picked up some interesting local legends for the area. It seemed odd that the belief in the battle between Michael and the Devil happened west of Archangelsk, but narrowing down where they changed from ‘The battle was to the west’ to ‘the battle was to the east’ was a stroke of genius. Not something I would have thought of.” Boris responded.

“I wouldn’t have thought of it either until it became obvious something screwed the ability to triangulate based on whatever it is drawing on the Etheric.”

“Now if we just knew what those whispers we’re both hearing were.”

Paul spoke up, putting down the binoculars he was observing the camp with . “Does that base seem to be, I dunno, a little quiet for four hundred plus people being there? I mean I ain’t seeing ANY movement.”

Boris lifted his binoculars and looked through them. It was daytime, and there was no evidence of anyone moving between the timber buildings. With the snow that wasn’t that strange, he thought. That there were only a handful of them that had snow properly packed against the outside, with smoke emitting from their chimneys. Those would definitely be occupied. There was also a cleared area around that particular cluster. With the heavy layer of snow, it was impossible to tell if that had been part of the original plan or if structures had been knocked down to clear it. As a paramilitary base either was plausible.

“Okay, we go down and investigate,” Boris replied. He looked at Janna and Alecta. “You two hang back. There is definitely something odd about this whole situation. If it weren’t smack bang in the middle of the area Janna had designated from their research of local legends, he’d have been disinclined to investigate. But they had also found a man in one of the local hospitals who had been brought in, with  an NVG patch on his gear. The man had been found about a hundred kilometers away, with one of his legs sheared off at mid thigh and delirious from a wound infection.

He’d kept ranting a string of numbers that the doctors had blamed on his delirium. But the interesting thing to Janna was that they were exact GPS locations for this encampment. It was well disguised, each of the houses half dug in, and probably had camouflage netting over it during the warmer months. It wasn’t likely an area where satellites would  often look either.

So, they’d come into range in the command container during a snowstorm after every other attempt to find this base had come up empty. It seemed that sometimes, no matter your support, luck was still needed. If the fifteen agents that agreed to help them hadn’t run down those legends for her, she’d have been in trouble with someone. She wasn’t sure who. And that theory had been based on a flimsy note that Konrad had written on a report into possible alien technology referencing Michael and The Devil.  They still needed to find this last base. There were too many records for it to be disinformation, and taking out a paramilitary group was like excising a cancer. You didn’t chance leaving some cells around so it could regrow.

She’d decided to research it. The reference had triggered a memory about legends in the Archangelsk region. Her delving deeper had paid off. They could have spent weeks searching the area if Anton hadn’t found that patient and gotten what he’d been saying out of the medical reports. Boris was just glad that the small hospital didn’t use electronic records. Otherwise, the Government might have beaten them here.

He hated to think how long it had taken Konrad to find the location. Actually, that wasn’t true. The thought of how much more frustrating finding the location would have been for Konrad to find was fairly amusing. If he’d been frustrated for over two months finding the place after Konrad, it had to have taken that man longer.


Now this time I’m throwing a book out there by Xandrie Kovak, who has been a good ear to bend when I’ve been down and has even let me kill her in one of my books.

You can get a free copy of Animus, one of her stories, HERE



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