Revelations Snippet 2/?

The Beast was angry. The first two creatures it had encountered in Gods knew how long, it thought had fallen into her realm. Once it had realized, from their taste, rather than their looks or smell, that they were human, she was somewhat confused. It had not encountered a human in these caves since that odd and powerful one had thrown her into the caves and blocked that entrance. It had not found another exit it could reach. There was a need growing in it after encountering the first human thing to look again. They had managed to find their way in somehow!

Then she had encountered a group of three of these strange humans. They were invading her space… her territory… her world! That couldn’t be allowed!

The Beast followed their scents, and found itself in a cave that it knew well. There was an opening that The Beast had tried to use to leave this system long ago. Before it had accepted that the caves were it’s territory.  The overhang on the wall at the lip of the exit had defeated all its attempts to escape that way. Now, however, the invaders had built a ramp.

A ramp unlike any The Beast had thought humans capable of making was there. It was made of metal, and lead easily up to the exit of the cave. The Beast realized it could leave. All it had to do was scare these strangers out of its home. Make them fear it.

The Beast didn’t want to kill them unless they attacked it first. For all it knew that strange man was still watching, waiting. Time was a meaningless concept for one who had experiences like itself in some ways.

The Beast approached the ramp, letting out its bellow of anger at their trespass. The ones inside the cave dropped what they were doing and fled in terror up the ramp. It sauntered after them. Having no way to know what they were doing, it cautiously climbed the ramp to the exit.

Reaching the top of the ramp, it found itself breathing forest scented air for the first time in ages. It  paused, scenting the long missed smell with a kind of rapture. That pause had left it in the open. The rapture had left it oblivious to others of the strangers’ kind approaching until the cracks and stinging annoyance of their weapons had broken the reverie.

The Beast roared its annoyance at them. The stinging kept happening as the long metal sticks kept barking. Realizing that the stings must be coming from those flares and cracks, it sprang forward, at a speed those with the poles could not and did not anticipate from a creature of its size.

Rage had taken it. Anyone holding one of the stinging poles became a target of that rage. Some were gutted by The Beast’s claws, others had limbs sheared cleanly in a single bite. A few kept firing, trying to hit The Beast as it fell upon their comrades. Unable to anticipate the movements and speed of the creature most of their shots missed, or hit those same comrades. Those few that struck The Beast did no real harm to it.

Many of the remaining threw away their arms and fled. But they were marked by the weapons they carried with a scent that The Beast could track… It would hunt them down until its rage was satisfied. Those who fled to the houses it ignored – It would have time to decide about them later.


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