NVG Research Base, Russia

Zakhar was worried. It had been months since there had been any contact with his boss, Konrad. He had been warned that the movement would soon take steps to gain more influence over the government, necessitating this base going dark. By now he had expected personal contact or communications from Konrad or one of his lieutenants. Still, he followed the protocols Konrad had ordered. All communications were to be initiated from outside the base.

He was almost more concerned by what some of the teams had found. They had confirmed the existence of an unknown alloy on the edges of the main cave mouth. They still hadn’t figured out how to replicate it. It seemed to be literally out of this world, and with the news reports they still occasionally received, Konrad and the NVG would need that. They would need every possible edge against the damned Americans and, in particular, the corporation that was releasing all this new technology.

That the government didn’t have a clue that they were here just showed their growing incompetence. They were ripe for eventual takeover. That Konrad had kept the project secret showed he was a worthy leader.

The reports from the cave system also weighed on his mind. He had no idea how Konrad had found the caves.  He honestly wasn’t sure he wanted to know. Mapping them with Radar and Sonar had failed and progress doing it manually was slow. The disappearances were scattered and not linked to a single offshoot tunnel that had been mapped. Some of the noises from the cave might be natural rumbles, rocks falling loose from erosion or slight changes and vibrations from the explorations. The men swore they had heard the sounds described them as wheezing, roaring bellows from some sort of creature. They were so low pitched that not all of his men could hear them, but each time someone had, a man had disappeared.

His problem was he had men just disappearing in the tunnels. No blood, no sign of rockfall, no weapons fire heard. Just gone. So far the count was low enough he could blame it on inexperience and lack of attention.  They’d gotten lost by going deeper than ordered.

He didn’t believe that. He’d started sending them down in teams of no less than three. Today’s problem was that an entire team of three was now missing. Like radar, radios were unreliable in the caves. They were only six hours overdue, but he had a bad feeling about the situation. He ordered defenses to be constructed facing the main cave entrance. He was tempted to order charges placed to drop the main cave entryway, but that was against specific orders. He did not want to aggravate Konrad either.

He sighed and gave the order for all remaining teams to pull back for the night. The teams searching for the missing had been in there for eighteen hours. They would start making mistakes in what could be a deadly situation even if there wasn’t something down there, in the wider complex.

Zakhar wasn’t one to believe in aliens or the supernatural. He believed Konrad had something about him but had put it down to the man’s driven personality. Now, he wasn’t so sure.  The local legend of some sort of devil trapped in the region by Saint Michael were more believable after these incidents.

He wasn’t sure if he should be more worried about something from inside the caves or the attacks that had been taking place on NVG convoys. He almost wished this operation had at least government sanction. Then, if something really went wrong, he could call in the army.

If the army found out about what they were doing here, then he and all his men were probably dead. The Russian government would not like the idea of potential alien tech on their land being recovered and researched without their sanction.

He decided then and there to have the ramp into the cave system dismantled and replaced by a lift. His engineers could rig something. If there was a creature stuck in the caves, he would not be responsible for releasing it into Mother Russia. He may see the government as corrupt and ineffectual, but he loved his countrymen.


Sorry to everyone who has been waiting for the book or even a few snippets. A-Viking was larger (and harder to finish ) than I expected. Then … Well … One word sums it up


Here’s the link to A-Viking.


Griffin has been betrayed and abandoned. Betrayed by the organization that he has been a part of for two centuries. Betrayed by his Faith. Abandoned by his apprentice and those who followed him into opposing the Order.

Finding out that he had the same abilities as the ‘Demonspawn’ he hunted had been a shock. Finding out those same ‘Demonspawn’ were descendants of the Old Gods had shattered his world.

The Betrayal is what hurts him more than anything. It has left him a broken man, unable to contribute to opposing the Order. How can someone who acted blindly in Faith, killing many whom his own core believes he should have been protecting, become a Unifier? How can he face down The Order’s seeming goal of eradicating anything that does not fit with it’s Abrahemic paradigm?

The Order has already started moving. People, even entire families, are turning up dead… or disappearing.

In the shadows, people are hunting him. Not knowing this he goes A-viking, to find a new purpose, to find himself again. In his current state will he be able to face the challenges ahead? Especially since now he has no allies to help him sort friend from foe?



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